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Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Homepage!

Als ehrenamtlich tätiger Dozent am Institut für Politische Wissenschaft und Soziologie (IPWS) der Exzellenzuniversität Bonn führe ich Seminare, Sprechstunden, Prüfungen und Examenskolloquien durch:

A. Masterseminar "Entwicklungspolitik der EU und Deutschlands mit Subsahara-Afrika" im Wintersemester 2020/21 (neu: Das Seminar findet digital statt.)

Für die Anmeldung konsultieren Sie bitte die entsprechenden BASIS-Seiten (s. v.a. Für die Teilnehmenden sind meine "Hinweise zum Studium" zu beachten.

B. Sprechstunden

Sprechstunden werden in diesen Corona-Zeiten bis auf Weiteres nicht wie üblich im Büro in der Lennéstr. 25 abgehalten. Sie können mich per E-Mail erreichen ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) und mir auch eine Telefonnummer mitteilen, unter der ich Sie zu einem zu vereinbarenden Termin anrufen kann; ggf. ist auch ein virtuelles Meeting möglich (so auch am Freitag, dem 5. Februar, zwischen 12.30 und 13.30 Uhr - bitte vorher anmelden unter [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]).

D. Prüfungen / Examensbetreuung

Master-Studiengänge: "Politikwissenschaft" sowie "Soziologie" bzw. "Gesellschaften, Globalisierung und Entwicklung" (Modulabschlussprüfungen). Diejenigen, die sich für Abschlussexamina (Master, Promotion) interessieren, sind gebeten, sich vorab unter "Hinweise zum Examen" zu informieren.

E. Kolloquium (Master - nach Bedarf)

Zusätzlich wirke ich im MBA-Studiengang "CSR & NGO Management" der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg als Lehrbeauftragter für Internationale Politik mit.

Das "Glossar – 66 wichtige Begriffe zur Entwicklungspolitik" habe ich aktualisert. Es ist hier zu finden.

International Day of Democracy in the Time of the Pandemic: 15 September

UN Secretary-General António Guterres: "As the world confronts COVID-19, democracy is crucial in ensuring the free flow of information, participation in decision-making and accountability for the response to the pandemic." MORE


The former parliamentarians organizations from Europe (FA-AP), USA (FMC) and Canada (ICAFP/ACEP) agreed on an APPEAL FOR DEMOCRACY AND DIALOGUE on 05/02/2021.

The 3 Associations are deeply concerned about recent attacks on democracy in America and dangerous tendencies in Europe. They deplore: "Conspiracy theories, unprecedented baiting against the results of democratic elections, spread of fake news despite clear evidence, the misuse of fears of an invisible pandemic and the culmination through a brutal and violent mob put the fragile democracy at risk. Our common democratic values are under threat." For them democracy "is the prerequisite for rule of law, the respect of human rights and the protection of the weak ones in our societies. It is the guarantor of inviolability of human dignity, freedom, gender equality, tolerance, freedom of religious belief, respect for minorities, cultural diversity, and peace." Therefore, they forged an Appeal for Democracy and Dialogue, committing themselves to defend democracy whenever and wherever it is at risk and to closely cooperate for this aim - and inviting all associations of former parliamentarians to join this Appeal. (FP-AP Honorary President Uwe Holtz translated the whole Appeal into German)

Defend Democracy in Myanmar, published 05/02/2021

Democracy organizations [and personalities incl.Uwe Holtz] from around the world call on the Myanmar military to fully respect the results of the recent national elections, release all detained political and civil society leaders, refrain from exerting violence, and allow the country to institute real democratic reforms:

We reject the claims that the military’s take-over is in line with the Myanmar constitution and that the recent elections were fraudulent. Although, according to a statement by 12 domestic election monitoring organizations, the November polls had some weaknesses as a result of restrictions due to COVID-19 and some flaws in electoral processes, “the election results were credible and reflected the will of the majority.” We strongly repudiate the spread of disinformation to justify the interruption of the democratic process.

Myanmar’s erratic democratic transition has been fraught with challenges. Yet, democracy still offers the best hope to protect human dignity, provide legitimate governance and advance the freedom of all people. We express our solidarity with the people of Myanmar and affirm our unwavering support for their democratic aspirations.

Call to Defend Democracy
It is important to reinforce democracy’s resilience now and in a post-pandemic world.
The COVID-19 pandemic threatens more than the lives and the livelihoods of people throughout the world. It is also a political crisis. Repression will not help to control the pandemic.Democracies do not guarantee competent leadership and effective governance; but they are best suited to addressing a crisis of the magnitude and complexity of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 crisis is an alarming wake-up call. Authoritarians around the world see this crisis as a new political battleground in their fight to stigmatize democracy as feeble and reverse its dramatic gains of the past few decades. Democracy is under threat, and people who care about it must summon the will, the discipline, and the solidarity to defend it. At stake are the freedom, health, and dignity of people everywhere. The recent Call to Defend Democracy, supported by Uwe Holtz, was launched in this spirit. It encourages people and decision-makers to resist authoritarian temptations and to back democratic systems that uphold human rights in these difficult times, too. The Call, initiated by International IDEA (the Stockholm based Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), was signed by almost 100 organizations from all over the world, as well as nearly 500 prominent individuals from 119 countries, including 13 Nobel Laureates and 62 former Heads of State or Government.  [Aufruf auf Deutsch]

Read also the Policy Paper: Global Democracy & COVID-19: Upgrading International Support (published 15 July 2020).



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